about us

CODE-INFO Company works on solutions in the scope of e-commerce, web site development, software development on multiple platforms, multimedia presentation design, and internet marketing. One of the most perspective directions in our company specialization is development of solutions for mobile commerce (m-commerce). We develop WAP sites and PDA compatible sites which become more and more needed year by year.

  "Quality matters"
  The main direction of our companies activity is the development of high quality and efficient managing of web sites, convenient from user point of view, fully functional from administrating position, meeting all quality standards of modern IT industry and Internet standards in particular.
We provide our clients with truly flexible solutions. Convenient and reliable in utilizing products that finally give them a real advantage compared to companies not paying enough attention to the quality of IT products used in their business process.
  "We choose the best for you"
  Our activity is built on the outsourcing basis, or in other words, we involve specialized experts who have extensive experience working with technologies which are planned for project implementation.
The use of outsourcing allows us to achieving the best product quality and decreases the cost price due to the involvement of outsourced specialists.

At the moment more than 200 various specialists and developer teams from India are working for our company. Among them a bigger part belongs to programmers and web designers as well as specialists in Internet advertising and Internet marketing.
  "We do help!"
  Our clients are companies of any level interested in specialized software products development, increase of presence in high tech communication sectors or releasing e-commerce projects.
  "We work internationally"
  In spite of the fact that our main developer's center is located in Noida (INDIA) we offer services worldwide. Our CRM system allows us to keep in touch with our clients very closely.